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019 - Aroma FAQ Podcast Series

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The audio experience becomes a trend that we cannot ignore in recent years. The way of communication has been changing from app interfaces to voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Home. This trend changes the way people consume content.

What if in the future, you can handle most of your daily routine work via a voice interface. How is your product going to adapt? That's why when working with Siuroma team, we decided that we should also start making a podcast series on Spotify and Apple Music, in case consuming information via podcast become the trend.

The era of voice interface is coming, and the skill required for a design studio is also changing from purely aesthetic to semi-technical. At least as a design studio, we are always be prepared for the next big thing. Let's come back to this post 2 years later to see how the world has changed.

By Kevin Hon Chi Hang on 2020/01/18

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