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We're working on an icon for a webapp called Dash, which let's you easily make dashboards. We're aware that there are a lot of dashboard icons out there already, but for this webapp (with this specific name) we just had to do an dashboard icon.

- still missing: on the odometer/rolls there are going to be glyphs representing graphs (which also affects the current color scheme)
- the background is obviously done for presentation purposes

We're nog 100% satisfied with:
- the lighting and realism on/of the odometer
- stripes on the circular meter
- nore sure about the glow intensity
- the knob that's holding the needle (would a half sphere be better match?)
- we've thought about making it skew (kinda like Safari's icon)
- think we need to tone down the drop shadow around the bezel and how it mixes in with the shadow casted on the 'floor'/surface
- think there needs to be a 'inner shadow' casted on the top of the glowing meter part as that entire element is supposed to look pressed

We're quite happy with:
- the lighting on the bezel (read @Ollin's icon lighting tutorial over and over again)
- the general position of elements
- the color contrast of the light bezel combined with the dark blue inside
- the needle color
- color scheme (matches the webapp's UI)

We're kind of stuck and would love for you guys to give us some pointers on what could be improved, and added. Thanks in advance!

Added the initial sketch for this icon

Update 2:
Also check an email design right here.

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  1. Final - Dash webapp icon


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