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I always wanted a big desk, lots of space for drawing, sketching and overall just breathe, so I asked my dad to help me building one out with some current furniture and new items as well… here is the story:

Started off with this, clunky, busy, messy.

I wanted to use some furniture we had already, so we began by removing EVERYTHING out of the way and planning it out!

Since the furniture we had was higher than a normal desk height, we set out to saw the extra (we’ll use it later) and attach to the walls end to end.

We built a frame around the desk to support all the wait, for the monitors printers or whatever else I would put on top of it. We also bought a sheet of plywood, cheap, because we wanted to do something special for the top without having to send or stain it all.

We applied liquid nails to the sheet of plywood and after purchasing 2 boxes of wood laminate, we ended up with a nice desk table top.

What you end up with is a premium, professional and large desktop workspace we are proud about! Awesome way to spend a Saturday with your old man!

Love you Dad, your work is blessed!

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