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MicroAcquire - Helping Startups Find Buyers

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Guess what!

A product we made has just been launched and is now on Product Hunt waiting for your upvotes!

The product is called MicroAcquire and it helps startups find buyers. Simple as that.
The idea belongs to Andrew Gazdecki, an experienced entrepreneur, mentor, and just a cool guy who, having sold two businesses, realized how much expense and effort goes into being acquired:
"The months of due diligence, reams of paperwork, and endless meetings with brokers and investment bankers – it’s a thankless job with no guarantee of success."
And yet thousands of founders embark on these laborious acquisitions every year.

So, Andrew decided to create a space where founders could connect with potential buyers, cutting out the middlemen and red tape. That's where our paths crossed. It was in summer 2019 when Andrew Gazdecki reached out to Zajno, told us about his pain and his solution and asked us if we could build a website+web app to give life to his new idea.

The result is MicroAcquire – a single, convenient marketplace where you can do business without the rigmarole. No brokers, no fees, no hassle. It's also worth mentioning that MicroAcquire is the only platform that connects startup buyers and sellers anonymously. Often, a public statement about the intention to sell a startup can cause panic inside the company which, therefore, can drive down its price significantly or, in the worst-case scenario, even bury the company. MicroAcquire offers a solution: all startups are anonymous and buyers review them based on key metrics alone before asking for more data. After which, they can make an offer. The platform then connects buyers and sellers, starting the right conversations that lead to an acquisition.

Voilà! Give it a try. It’s free.

I’d like to add that it’s always great to work on amazing projects with amazing people. The amount of work put into this is tremendous, and we have no doubt it’s going to pay off. Very thankful to our client Andrew and Zajno team for everything we’ve done together. There are more things yet to come… so stay tuned!

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