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Hey people!

we made this new thing called Mindsparkle Services: www.mindsparkle.services / Here is the problem we had and the solution we thought of:

Problem 🤔
When we started building Mindsparkle Mag we faced problems on every corner as everything was new for us. We did know how to use Pinterest effectively, how to optimize our website for SEO or even how to set up a Google Ad without correctly. I guess we had to learn most things the hard way. A lot of self-exploring techniques failed and we spent more time on certain tasks than we wanted to.
This was about the time where we started to look out for companies or freelancers that could help. Work that we either had no time doing ourselves or that we had to admit that we were not good at.
Finding the RIGHT person to do the job is a whole different story. Sounds familiar?

So what’s the idea? If you are in a similar position building your brand, we want to save you the trouble we went through. We got you a list of experts & services that can do the job you suck at or you simply don’t want to do. Work that you know is essential and will ultimately grow your business.

Solution 😃
After running our business for quite a few years and working with multiple of agencies/companies we gathered some know-how. We were able to select a bunch of people that we found out were real experts and that significantly helped us.

We thought maybe others could benefit from this as well. So we built a new website and call it Mindsparkle Services – a selection of important services offered by tested & thoroughly selected experts that helped us. The pricing is fixed and each service is offered in different complexities.
So each business or maker should find what they need. If you don’t want to be us 5 years ago, this could seriously help you and save you some time and searching.

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