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Today has been a year since I started a bootcamp to deepen on the backend part 🎂🥳. I love with all my heart the frontend, but my curiosity and my eagerness to learn lead me to explore the new environments (In the past I had learned PHP) of the "dark side" of the web 🌘.

Poopy - [Poo + Puppy] was my final project which I coded and designed with 2 other talented and committed girls in 2 weeks 😱.

It's a mobile app that helps pet owners to find bins with poo bags near them 💩. A very necessary solution to save time and keep the city clean wich generates also an inclusive and participatory community providing valuable information to your pet colleagues🖖🏽.

You can see the code here.

If you are a pet lover give me an (L) 🐶❤️!

Let me know by commenting below if you find the app interesting and you would prefer walking pleasantly with your pet with no alarming poo issues 😂.

Robot Juggler 🤖🤹🏽‍♀️

You can also find me at:
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