10x19 No.1 "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning" by Bright Eyes

*Drumroll, please*...the final album I chose for my 10x19-inspired challenge is "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning" by Bright Eyes. No, this album is not even close to being 'new'. Yes, I've been listening to it since I was in middle school. But, the CD version found it's way into my car in January and stayed there all of 2019. So every time I found myself driving with a dead phone (often), this was my default jam. This album is so iconic to me I wanted to clearly reference the original album artwork - so I reimagined the red 'sun' from the original in a minimalist way and juxtaposed it with the bold typography I repeated throughout the series. For full details on the challenge click here - https://bit.ly/2QUSJ6l

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