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NEW PERSPECTIVE PODCAST EP 155: Lincoln Design Co. on Hiring Yourself & Leveraging Your Side Hustle

Today’s Perspective Podcast features a squad of goons who can’t turn off the creative switch and were clearly cut from a different cloth. The work they do and the rapid pace they do it isn’t normal for creatives like you and me.

I’m talking about my homies over at Lincoln Design Co. who slay work for the brand giants of the world like: Mattel, Hasbro, Disney, DreamWorks, Nike, Nickelodeon, Google, Hot Wheels

At the same time, they’re not too proud to crush it for a local mom and pop shop or for creatives like you and me who need that next level personalized touch.

We have a unique one as we got a chance to record during their 2019 end of year retreat. Each member of the crew was in the middle of working, but we managed to get a little screen time for each of them!

Dan and company go deep on:
• The power of leveraging your side hustle
• Being a swiss army knife vs. a one trick pony
• The magic of personal branding and hiring yourself
• Making sacrifices to become great at what you do
• Logos, merch, creating fonts, their day-to-day process, pizza, and more!

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