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Hi everyone! 👋

“We only have what we give” as they say, so why not to give your best? Some time ago I explored a platform for digital creatives like developers, designers, teachers and many other who can make use of professional attributes and help non-government organizations remotely in their charity endeavors. I also assumed that after hard work, even for charity reasons, there should always be a small reward included.

So here you land up after finishing your charity-remote project. With each one you collect points – so-called handshakes. This is a digital way of sending gratitude from the project hosts to its participants. The participants can redeem handshakes for minor things like coffee or sweets in the global companies spots like Starbucks or Caffe Nero. Here you can see an exemplary coffee house with its unique mug but I hope you get the business value behind the app. In a positive scenario the biggest corporations could share their kindness with the app users to gain a much more friendlier and recognizable brand.

Hope you like the idea. Have a good day my friends and remember to give your best to the world! ☀️

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