Punchclock is going to be a barebones time tracking application for those who just want to keep track of time and nothing more.

There are already some great apps out there who can do time tracking (like Harvest, Ballparkapp etc.). But I create my invoices manually and I like to keep it that way. I don't want my clients and invoices in my time tracking app. It feels like it's to much. And therefore I wanted to create Punchclock.

So I scraped a couple of fellow students / friends together and an awesome developer who I met via Skype. Via SKYPE! Isn't internet awesome? Now that we're pretty close to open beta we wanted to invite you guys. You can sign up over at www.punchclock.me We'll send you an email when the open beta goes live.

Thanks peeps! This community makes me want to create my own shit (positive shit). I finally had the opportunity to do so. Hope you guys appreciate the concept. Already had tons of feedback, nothing but love for that.

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