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Hey guys!

These are the illustrations I made for an educational platform we are working on here at Zajno right now. The idea of the platform is to acquaint users with basic digital creative jobs not only by telling about them, but also by letting users try some of them out. The interactive element will help users get a clearer picture of what the job is like and if they might like this type of work.

If a user gets interested, the platform offers more information to read, watch and listen about the job and also gives links to the most popular courses where users can acquire the chosen skill. The platform is mainly targeted at young people who are trying to find their path or at all those who would like to try themselves in the digital creative field.

The little buddies you can see above illustrate some of the jobs such as YouTuber, web designer and web developer, but there are more. That's a wrap.

I'd love to know what you think about this!

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