Squarespace Commerce Store Librarie Et Magasin De Photo

3rd entry for the esteemed Squarespace Commerce Dribble contest. The 'Librairie et magasin de photo' (Book and photo store) is based loosely off a real store I once observed. It therefore struck me to do a sort of modified digital rendition of the store for this contest. The bricks are composed of almost 50 different layers to get the perfect texture. Light graffiti was added for effect. The inset window was something I'd never tried before; at first I went for a simple 'outside' window, but it didn't feel right. So I duplicated the brick and cut the sides in for each of the 4 sides of the windows to create the perfect effect. :-) The green umbrella thingies at the top (the name escapes me) were relatively straightforward; just warped and perspectived. The 'Librairie et Magasin de photo' sign was 7 different wood textures balanced together, with a slight brushed metal effect put on (multiply, 21%) to give the impression that it was cut as cedar wood in a wood mill. The window frame is treated with the same effect. The door has only a slight version of the same effect, but not much. The metal on the door is meant to be tinged with rust; somewhat iron-ish. Not too reflective, as that wouldn't look right. The window was one of the most challenging parts to get just right; after much experimentation, I created a mint green/baby blue colored rectangle (for the 'cheap glass' effect), added some noise, then blurred it to give it that glass quality. It reflects the street only a little bit, but has some glare. The posters are taped onto the window. All in all, very challenging and fun. 14 hours of design all together. :-)
Please check out the larger, more detailed version at the link below and zoom to see all of it!

Full 2000x1500 image here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/17tajnp1ajs7lm0/SQRSPC.png

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