Sector Chase Design Comps

Sector Chase Design Comps

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As a Dribbbler, I really enjoy when people post not only the finished product, but the process they went through along the way. That is the purpose of this shot. While not necessarily step-by-step, I wanted to give everyone a glimpse into the process I went through designing the iOS game I debuted in my most recent shot, Sector Chase.

In the attached image, I lay out all 3 of the design comps I did for the project as well as a quick blurb about my thought process for each one and how I envisioned it working during gameplay. I had a ton of fun with this project and there are elements of the unused comps (#'s 1 and 2) that I'd love to use in other projects down the line. I tried to do something different for each comp.

Anyhow...take a gander and I'd love to hear your thoughts. @2x version of the shot available for your viewing pleasure.

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