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[GIF] Squarespace Origami // +Free PSD!

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Welcome to my first Dribbble shot! This is a result of three nights of sleep-depriving work. I designed a Squarespace currency from the ground up and digitally folded it into various fun items! Let me know if you like it!

Don't forget to check out the high res attachments. Included are...

• The original, unfolded Squarespace Currency
• All four items for detailed viewing
• annnnd a free PSD! The elephant. Download it here:

Some tidbits for your entertainment:

• The currency was designed primarily using line work, like a real US dollar bill. If you look closely, you'll find details like micro text, security strips, and hidden watermarks. Also, see if you can spot places where parts of the logo were discretely used (like the corners of the border!)

• The interlocking prisms was the most difficult one to fold. It took forever to angle the currency for all the sides so they appeared seamless.

• The photoshop layers comprise mostly of highlights and shadows. The original elephant photoshop file had just about a hundred layers devoted to highlights and shadows. (Don't worry... I flattened those layers for you in the source file!)

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