3.14 Dessert Bar_2

Pie 2

This was part of a series project that I was assigned. I chose to make a branding identity for a dessert bar. I enjoy seeing small elements come together that make up a whole. I wanted to explore multiple pattern, but keeping the design cohesive. The name 3.14 Dessert Bar came about because the restaurant only serves dessert and 3.14 is Pi and I thought it would be clever to use it as a play on word for the dessert pie. Also, I chose 3.14 because it's mathematical and also deals with science and baking does as well.

What is displayed here are a series of business cards that I designed. Some of the patterns that are on the business cards are inspired by molecule structures. I also designed packaging as well (which I will be displaying soon).

*note* - For one of the business cards, the with 3.14 Dessert Bar, the "Dessert Bar" is backwards so when you hold it up in front of a mirror the "3.14" will read as Pie and "Dessert Bar" will read correctly and not backwards.

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