My Idea to Save The Internet

Screen shot 2013 02 17 at 00.53.18

I've been thinking about how to save the internet, not that there is anything wrong with it, I mean how can I save the cool stuff I find and sort it in such a way that will be useful.

Here is currently how I save various things:
Cool images, art or sites: Tweet Links
Articles I should read: Open them in a new tab until I have time
Daily Readable Blogs: Put them in a folder in my chrome bookmarks
Other Things: They get lost in other bookmark folders

Now I loved the idea of Delicious (or when it first came out, but it was never what I wanted it to be.

So I'm tempted to design my very own booking marking site / app!

I think it should work in a way where it's very simple to add links, these get automagically thrown into a private folder, something like 'things to sort'. Then when you have time you can sort your links in to lists (i.e. Daily Reads, Great Designs, Graphic Design, UX, Music etc...) once you had it sorted you could label them; name them and choose if they were public or private. You could also set the privacy of folders.

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