HipChat Integration Settings

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  1. Allan Berger Allan Berger

    A sneak peek of the HipChat integration settings in Blossom.

    If you are not familiar with HipChat: it’s an awesome teamchat service which runs on Desktop (Mac/Win/Linux), iPhone, iPad, Android and the web. From now on you are able to receive notifications in HipChat about your team’s updates or changes which happened in Blossom (i.e. file uploads from the designer, if a ticket is set as blocked/ready, if somebody added a comment on a card, …).

    I made a rebound of the Auth Token Icons because we use them for the auth token field here.
    Clicking the question mark symbol next to the auth token label shows up a popover with a description how to grab your token.

    Hope you enjoy this shot & the feature :)

    about 1 year ago

  2. A little GIF animation as supportive explanation how the HipChat Integration with Blossom Works :)

    Find more infos on the What’s New Page.

    You can follow me on twitter for further updates.

    6 months ago

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