600 on a 600

For almost a couple months now, Myself and a couple other film enthusiasts created a blog called Snapitseeit.com. It completely dedicated to instant film (polaroid, fuji pack film, instax, anything) and tries to help promote the use of it in order to keep the beautiful medium alive and inspire people to shoot it.

The site includes reviews of cameras, film, interviews artists who use instant film, and even has the occasional giveaway. This Friday we are beginning a project called "600 on a 600" where a polaroid 600 camera given to us by the wonderful Impossible Project, will travel the world to be shot by different photographers before being sent on to the next one. A total of 75 artists will shoot a pack of Impossible film (8 shots) for a total of 600 shots and they will all be showcased on our blog. We hope for the best results.

This here is a candidate for something to help promote the project. Not too sure how I feel about it yet.

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