Alumni Map Update

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Started this project awhile ago with the intent of making a full height/full width responsive interactive alumni map with a sensitivity towards tablet and mobile users. Bonus goal was the hope that we could repurpose some of the various features, since we get a lot of requests for Flash-based interactive maps with strikingly similar requirements.

We also tested the hypothesis that if we can make a great and sensible tablet experience, it'll likely be a respectable desktop/laptop experience. So hovers were a no-no with one or two minor exceptions. :)

A great deal of hi-def assets, svgs, and various animation sequences were included to make it feel a little more immersive. Our "turnover" goal here is either for the user to Join an Alumni Chapter or "Like" that particular chapter on Facebook.

Once it scales down to mobile we give you a mobile view that shows a listing of the chapters you can join as a way of offering a useful degraded experience. Our only wish was that we had a little more data to play around and cross pollinate with to make it a little more interesting.

Stay tuned, hopefully we'll be launching this pretty soon-ish!

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