Windhammer Belt Buckle

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  1. Rob Weychert Rob Weychert

    Well, the logo is sure as shit final now.

    about 4 years ago

  2. Dan Cederholm Dan Cederholm

    Oh. My. Metal.

    Amazing. Also one of the best rebounds yet.

    about 4 years ago

  3. Rogie King Rogie King

    Punk. PS. Nice meeting you Rob.

    about 4 years ago

  4. Buck Buck

    As a wearer of large belt buckles I can tell my stomach is going to have to get used to this one. Worth it though, this is awesome.

    Where did you get this done?

    about 4 years ago

  5. Luke Dorny Luke Dorny

    Holy crap, i saw that on your iPhone the other night, that beltbuckle is SUPERFRIENDS x 5!!!

    (that's a lot)

    about 4 years ago

  6. Rob Weychert Rob Weychert

    Thanks, guys!

    Buck: This was made possible by the fine folks at Ace Buckles.

    about 4 years ago

  7. Rumsey Taylor Rumsey Taylor

    Motherfucking shit... you can kill people with that...

    about 4 years ago

  8. Jason Santa Maria Jason Santa Maria

    Amazing! For buckle 2.0, I hope the W can be detached and used as a throwing star.

    about 4 years ago

  9. Kyle Jones Kyle Jones

    Holymoly. That is astounding.

    about 4 years ago

  10. Veerle Pieters Veerle Pieters

    So shiny! The rockgods will love you :)

    about 4 years ago

  11. Chandler Van De Water Chandler Van De Water

    The depth of field on this is so great, except I wish the top of it wasn't as blurry - but perspective-wise, it seems spot on.
    So, how do I order one? My mutton chops are tingling with desire.

    about 4 years ago

  12. Rob Weychert Rob Weychert

    Chandler: Sorry, one of a kind. If you're wearing this buckle, either you are Windhammer, or you've killed him. :)


    about 4 years ago

  13. Kevin Sharon Kevin Sharon

    oh. my. this is so rawk.

    about 4 years ago

  14. Dave Simon Dave Simon

    I believe this has become the symbol of all that rocks...

    about 4 years ago

  15. Kevin Thompson Kevin Thompson

    Not as stabby as I'd like, but impressive none the less.

    about 4 years ago

  16. Darren Geraghty Darren Geraghty

    oh my god its the funky sh!t!

    about 4 years ago

  17. Jeremy Girard Jeremy Girard

    So impressive. I can almost feel the weight of this simply by looking upon its imposing visage.

    about 4 years ago

  18. Mark Otto Mark Otto

    Holy hell that's awesome!

    about 4 years ago

  19. Shane Guymon Shane Guymon

    Wishing their was a LOVE button right about now.

    about 4 years ago

  20. Michael Bester Michael Bester

    That's quite possibly the baddest thing I've seen in long, long time!

    about 4 years ago

  21. Eric E. Anderson Eric E. Anderson

    Bad. Ass.

    about 4 years ago

  22. Maggie Steciuk Maggie Steciuk

    Ha! I caught a glimpse of this in person yesterday at Toad. Very impressive, sir.

    about 4 years ago

  23. Jonny Frodsham Jonny Frodsham

    Fit for a superhero that is!!!

    about 4 years ago

  24. Alan Houser Alan Houser

    +1 for superhero.

    Can I get two cufflinks, please?

    about 4 years ago

  25. Stephen Bush Stephen Bush


    about 4 years ago

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