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Hero Plumbing Logo Concepts

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Work in Progress.
Based on our discovery and overall desired feel and approach. The direction was to go with a clean, sans-serif. The client has chosen to avoid any characters as well as the idea of leaning into superhero territory.
With that in mind here are the first three concepts I came up with (top row, left to right)

SAINT - or Saint-like in character. Qualities such as high moral value, kindness & patience.
This nod to the saint-like is showcased with a use of a halo.

PRIDE - Like a stamp of approval, a flag displayed shows great pride and appreciation of
what it represents. Hero Plumbing prides itself in their premium service, quality of work, and
their presentation.

WATER - Getting back to what runs in the “veins” of plumbing. This concept has 2 nods to
the trade of plumbing
1. The motion of water stylistically flows through the type using contrasting curved and
sharp corners. The H almost feels like water flowing down a set of steps.
2. In the Icon, The H represents the wall or the (H)ero in front of the wall while the shadow
hidden behind the (H)ero is the (P)lumbing behind the wall.

The following three are a little more generic in theme as I explored other alternatives.

Would love any critical feedback. These are by no means polished or complete. But would love any thoughts around how to convey heroic qualities outside of referencing superheroes.

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