First portfolio page

Screen shot 2013 02 12 at 8.36.23 pm

This is my portfolio site I just finished and figured out how to get online, literally yesterday.

I understand the bar is a little higher for your "debut" shot, but I'm super proud of this little guy. I'm sure I've done about every noob mistake here, but it is the result of about everything I've learned so far. Other than two intro CS classes, I basically taught myself coding and web design standards the past two years or so. I have some other stuff I'll upload later, and I'm sure I'll look back at this and be embarrassed by it down the road, but I wanted this to be up here to record my initial starting point, so I can always remember it could be worse ;)
I do have big plans for this, and I hate "working in public", but I wanted to get rid of having a preset tumblr theme for my portfolio.

UPDATE: doy; major thanks to @John H. Sheridan for the invite.


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