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NEW PERSPECTIVE PODCAST EP 154: Dina Rodriguez on How to Build a Thriving Community Around Your Art

Today's Perspective Podcast features one of the most self-aware people I know in this creative community that shows up as their truest self online and in-person.⁣⁣
I'm talking about my new friend Dina Rodriguez who slays under the name Letter Shoppe .⁣⁣
Dina creates art that supports mental health, body positivity, and cannabis culture. In the process, she's created an insanely supportive and engaged community.⁣⁣
Yes, she’s a talented artist, but she’s an even wittier and savvier marketer who knows how to give her audience what they need while remaining true to her core identity and treating her work like play.⁣⁣
She has a thriving merch business, a poppin’ Patreon tribe, and enough pep and energy to power up 5 power plants.⁣⁣
Did I mention she’s the brains behind the rapidly growing @womenofillustration account spotlighting the insanely talented women in our creative community?⁣⁣
Dina drops mad insight on:⁣⁣
• Building a community around your work⁣⁣
• Locking down buckets of interests and values for your brand⁣⁣
• Creating a successful merch business⁣⁣
• Making work that’s relatable/shareable⁣⁣
• Promoting yourself, customer psychology, revenue streams, pizza, weed, and everything in between⁣⁣

Watch or Listen to the full episode here.

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