Reddit Redesign 2

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  1. Mandy McClausky Mandy McClausky

    If I could be so bold, a problem with Reddit is that memes and pictures are taking over the more text-based news and conversations that it was intended and named for. This layout caters specifically to the Pinterest crowd, and not those that go to Reddit to read it. It also assumes I want to see all of the images when I land and doesn't account for those marked NSFW.

    Making the comments link so small and hiding my redorange behind a drop-down are also anti-patterns for a site reliant on continuous dialogue.

    It might be more worth your while to design around the Reddit Enhancement Suite rather than design for Reddit itself, since you could actually have some say in that/let users pick themes based on it.


    about 1 year ago

  2. Sean Tremaine Sean Tremaine

    Hi @Mandy McClausky. It actually is the "PICS" section. It probably isn't that obvious in the shot, but pics is colored orange because it is selected. But, for categories that don't have pictures the idea I had was to still house the info in the boxes, but just lose the picture box and have the rest of the info centered with the upvote/downvote bar. Idk I might take it further to show that idea.

    For the my reddits section I left it the way it is on the current site. I could probably find a better solution for that section. I think I would just have to research the site more. I actually just started using it and wasn't a huge fan of the design, so decided to do a very quick redesign. I agree about the comments. Maybe adding an actual comment button would be a good idea.

    I had never heard of Reddit enhancement suite, but I'll check it out. Most likely this will just be for practice though. Thanks a lot for your comment.

    about 1 year ago

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