Do Not Disturb for iOS - Application Integration

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  1. Joshua Tucker Joshua Tucker

    Our iOS devices are extremely powerful. How can we put them to work to make more intelligent decisions on certain features?

    This visually showcases how Do Not Disturb could be integrated into applications such as games and video players and prompt you to set it specifically for the time you're using the application.

    Lots of the conceptual work is behind the scenes. Read my Tumblr post for the full explanation.

    about 1 year ago


    This is my first GIF ever made. Woot! Made in Photoshop no less. Still much to learn!

    Here's a revised version of my Do Not Disturb Application Integration concept.

    The example used is a game called Monster Dash.

    More details to follow in the near future.

    "Imminente Luna carpe noctem" – By the light of the moon, seize the night.


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    12 months ago

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