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  1. Tim Tarnowski Tim Tarnowski

    A website in progress. Mostly done with the front page, unless the client throws a curveball at me. All other pages are still under construction.

    Check it out here:
    Replace the 6 in that url with 1-5 to see how it progressed!
    Here's what they had before:

    42 hours in Dreamweaver, with some hand coding. 4 weeks so far.
    Let me know if the web font on the "Welcome" header/subhead doesn't work for you. It seems to mess up on my Galaxy S3 phone, depending on how it's flipped.
    The rotating globe was their idea, lol.

    On critique: You don't have to make me cry, but you don't have to wear kid gloves, either. c:

    EDIT: Recently I updated the dropbox link for organizational purposes. Also, I now host the site on because I started using PHP includes, and dropbox doesn't use php.

    about 1 year ago

  2. See the portfolio version at
    See the version the client wanted at

    10 months ago

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