Mojeek Logo Design (rebrand)

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A revised identity for a new search engine. Well, Mojeek has been around for a while, but not as an active site. The launch of the new improved Mojeek is scheduled for early February.

In Context
Plain background versions

If you visit now you will not be impressed, but it's under the hood where it does/will shine.

It's not one of these search engines that just regurgitates Googles results, it's a spanking new system. It has it's own data centre for a start.

The front end has been revamped to be a cleaner and minimal experience with focus on the search query and a pretty background image, such as Bing. The main highlight colour on the results page will reflect the dominant colour in the photo, which is a nice continuity touch.

The logo is to compliment the clean design, so I suggested a type only mark with a tweaked font with adjustments to the 'm, j, e and k'.

The one distinct element is above the 'j' where I have slanted the top, then added a flipped diagonal detail. The negative space forms an arrow head type space, to hint towards the search field, action/results. The client requested a small touch, so I hope this suffixes.

I will be looking to find some photographs to use for Mojeek, with full credits and link on the homepage ofcourse.

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