Preview, Layers and Operations

Borrowing from Adobe Style tool palettes, the preview would negate constant [ ~ ] pushing to see what your character actually looks like, and lets you see a smaller, closer to life view of the character, plus you can change the point size in preview. You can also drag and collapse each palette.

Layers is an active, visible, and hidden state respectively.

Operations exposes common tools, some of which have been renamed for clarity. They also have helpful visuals for someone to have a better idea of what the operation does.

Correct Direction is now Lathe Shape - cuts out inner shapes from your character

Auto Hint - adds in printer hinting information

New Metrics Window is now Track & Kern - allows you to kern your characters individually

Add Extrema - Adds a point at the apex between two other points

Merge Points - usually in the menu, combines two points together

Average points is now Align Points - aligns points based on the average between the two.

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