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Rough pier texture pack

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Cleveland has something really neat: a lake. Lake Erie to be precise, "the fourth-largest lake (by surface area) of the five Great Lakes in North America, and the eleventh-largest globally if measured in terms of surface area" (Wikipedia). It's gorgeous, and its shoreline hosts a beautiful park, Edgewater park. The park includes a pier, used by wandering souls, tourists, and people who like to fish.

This pier has been battered by the world around it, by weather, has been repaired, remodeled many times, and in turn features great textures.

I took my trusty camera, and captured sixteen of these great textures. I gently edited them, color-corrected them, and here we are. The set includes the original textures, negative versions, transparent versions, Bitmap TIFF versions, and vector versions.

These can be used for backgrounds, distressing, to give depth. Use the negative versions as aging artifacts on photos, by changing their blending mode to screen, and lowering the opacity to 25-50%. Have fun!

- Sixteen (16) raster textures, sized at 3264x2448 pixels
- Includes high contrast versions for softer effects
- Includes negative versions (screen textures)
- Includes Bitmap TIFF versions (ideal for vector work, without bogging down your machine)
- Includes transparent versions
- Includes vector versions (bonus vintage color palettes, sampled from 1960s-1970s packaging)
- Archive size: 3.42 GB

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