WIP - Tealet logo vectors 02.5

WIP - Tealet logo vectors 02.5

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So far, the client prefers this option, and wants to move forward with it.

Based on feedback I received from both you fine people and from the client, a number of relatively small revisions have been made.

1. The client requested that the tea leaf be a bit more accurate, mostly with regard to the size of the top bud.

It seems that most photos of tea leaves depict a cluster of 3 leaves, each getting progressively smaller from bottom to top, culminating in a small bud at the top. This was my attempt at addressing this request, while still maintaining the stylized, choppy aesthetic previously established.

2. The hands were reworked to reflect the more stylized representation of hands from my sketches. They were also given a bit more weight.

3. The type has been reworked (to add weight, as well as to address a few legibility concerns), and the client asked to see perhaps a different type treatment, which is what you see here. This type was created from scans of very W I D E Copic marker strokes on watercolor paper.

See the attachment for a side-by-side comparison of this type to the reworked original treatment, as well as some process shots and color lockups.

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