Aces Lumber Stretcher 1

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When I did have a job it was in construction for a while.
When framing houses one would often find that the 2x4 in your hand was too short. At this point the foreman would sometimes yell to the lowly apprentice to run out to the truck and get the Lumber stretcher. The apprentice would then head off to the work truck in search of this magical tool that actually did not exist. The tools that the apprentice returned with always gave the foreman a chuckle.
So I have drawn what I think is an accurate Lumber Stretcher by Ace.
Large file attached - remember it's patented..

A little fun and sympathy for the young and unemployed....

Part of a series of logos about my early beginnings.
Not being able to find a job in my early days I would invent small businesses. The brand name was Aces, and Ace could do many things to bring home the Bacon.

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