Tutorial Step 3 iOS App

Tutorial Step 3 iOS App

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Lovely has been one of my earlier clients in San Francisco. They're a small team of intelligent people trying to change the way people search for apartments. We were actually looking for apartments at the time with my wife, we sort of still are. And given the poor user experience of Craigslist and the clusterfuck of other products in the space, we naturally drifted towards Lovely. Same day I got an email inquiry out of nowhere from Lovely to see if I wanted to help design their iPhone app. It's been a super fun on-going project and in general I'm pretty happy with the visual language and how it reflects the simplicity of the product cross platform.

Lovely app was released in mid November and got nothing but good press. I think it was a natural move to carry the apartment search to a device that you carry with you at all times. They've been featured in the App Store few times since the launch, and have a 5-star rating now.

They've also been getting a ton of press, which I will let you search on your own.

This is a tutorial screen where first time users would be flicking through to go through few important features. You can also reach this screen from settings after first time. Now that the app is released and all, I will post more shots. I attached the big screenshot, but you should definitely download the app play with the real thing, it's simple, and straight-forward.

I want to thank Blaze for helping me on few screens of this app.

I also want to thank my lovely wife for helping me and Lovely to test their mobile and web apps. She's a mean tester :)

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