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Twitch turbo

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Today we’re excited to announce an new way to experience the Twitch content you love, seamlessly and without ads, all while still supporting your favorite broadcasters. It’s called Twitch Turbo.

It was something I helped work on, and is a number of new features and improvements to the Twitch site that will be rolling out at a rapid rate this coming year. (more stuff to come for Turbo people as well).

We went for a battery as a way to represent Turbo as it was a little less cliched. A kind of 'Sonic The Hedgehog' thing was considered, a rocket as well but, this just seemed quirky and weird enough... kind of describes Twitch really!.

So I had fun doing this battery.

You can also see the full landing page as well in the attachments (slightly differs from the live version)

I also had a handy drawing aid as well which helped me along the way (see additional attachment)

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