No Pants Dance

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  1. Ross Moody Ross Moody

    Thanks be to @Chris DeLorenzo for designing up this awesome card for us for V-Day!

    We here at 55 Hi's are proud supporters of the No-Pants movement. Whether you're freelancing from home or just have a really chill boss, nothing beats freeing yourself from the emotional oppression that a pair of pants represents. Hell, there's even a day dedicated to this very idea.

    These are in the shop if ya need a last minute V-Day card.

    about 1 year ago

  2. Dan Edwards Dan Edwards

    These look awesome, great work.

    about 1 year ago

  3. Denix Denix

    great stuff

    about 1 year ago

  4. Chris Rushing Chris Rushing

    Just imagine no pants.


    about 1 year ago

  5. Phalen Elonich Phalen Elonich

    Looks awesome. Nice job guys!

    about 1 year ago

  6. Emir Ayouni Emir Ayouni

    about 1 year ago

  7. Scott Neilson Scott Neilson

    This is the only thing as close to or better than the no pants dance :D

    about 1 year ago

  8. Diana Diana

    Love the belt! Great idea.

    about 1 year ago

  9. Kathryn Duckett Kathryn Duckett

    Haha, Love the details, like the buckle incorporated into the banner and the pants used as banners in the lower right.

    about 1 year ago

  10. Karbon Industries Karbon Industries

    @55 Hi's Let's not forget the "clothes-off pose-off"

    about 1 year ago

  11. David Klawitter David Klawitter

    If it's possible to love this too much, I do.

    about 1 year ago

  12. Brittany Houston Brittany Houston

    such a cute card :)

    about 1 year ago

  13. Lemur Design Lemur Design

    nice! Love colors!

    about 1 year ago

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