Jobs icon life (integration)


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This is a set of 56 icon, name after the year when the product was released. This interpretation commemorate 56 years of Steve Jobs's life. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish the entire set before Oct. 5th, before his death. Many of the problems that I encountered while work on this project are not as simple as I thought. This is still work in progress, perhaps the second anniversary is when you can see the finished set. As a regular guy, this is my way that I choose to express my respect for him. Thank you Steve for reminding us that design really can change the world. Wishing you rest in peace, at the end, allowed me to say this: Without you, Apple's products was really disappointing. Because of you, paradise will be even more exciting.

PS: Years and names are corrected, thank you all. Head shot image is a wallpaper of my collection, and found randomly on a wallpaper website. I do not know who did this, but it's for sure a master piece.


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