[GIF] Dribbble Invites Give Away

Dribbble invites

Yes! You are not seeing it wrong! It's 4 invites to give away! LOL, I think dribbble must like me to give me so many invites this time!
And it is quite simple to get it, you don't have to follow me (though I'll be thrilled if you do), just send me a link where I can find your awesome works, and I'll choose four out of you to join the unbelievable community with us!
So, come on, you guys! First come, first served ;p
And I'll let you know the results ASAP!

Oops! Almost forget to put my email here: yulu2426@126.com

EDIT: I've been recieving some emails that asking when would I be able to finally announce the winners, I feel really sorry to keep you guys waiting so long, but I've been quite busy recently as it's the traditional Spring Festival in my country, China.
So, I'm afaid you'll have to wait a little longer until 3.15. FYI, there are invites giving away everyday on Dribbble, why not give them a try? Apparently you don't have to put all your eggs in my basket, right?
Again, my apology for all the trouble I brought.(I feel really really aweful if I hurt your feelings... )

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