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  1. Sarah Armstrong Sarah Armstrong

    Portola Coffee Lab is named after Portola de Gaspar, an adventurer and explorer. So for their winter blend of coffee, we chose Rauld Amundsen - the man who discovered the South Pole - as the inspiration for this special blend. Getting to blend together science, adventure, and South Pole expedition for an exceptional coffee was such a fun project.

    I built the main "A" icon with a South-pointing compass arrow built in, breaking out of the shape to signify pushing boundaries and exploring new territory. In my mind, the A shape was always their home-base tent as well, but that's really just for me.

    In some applications, like the one shown here, we also inserted Rauld Amundsen into the mark itself.

    about 1 year ago

  2. One of Rauld Amundsen's famous quotes was, "Victory comes to he who has everything in order".

    So, we took this inspiration and created "Winter Victory Kits" to coincide with the winter coffee Portola was selling. Winter Victory Kits included everything you needed to manually brew coffee at home, and there were three different kits:
    - Due South (Aeropress kit)
    - Framheim (Clever dripper kit)
    - Valor & Vision (V60 brew kit)

    The project was so much fun to put together, plus Portola sold a TON of the kits.

    Here's a snapshot of some of the Winter Victory Kits on display in the shop.

    about 1 year ago

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