La Marchesa - Fruiter Brand Identity

La marchesa   dribble

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La Marchesa, is a fruit and vegetable shop operating since 1962.
It is located in the little, noisy and colorful market district of Torre del Greco, a city extended from the sea to Vesuvius.
The name La Marchesa comes from the nickname of the first owner of the shop - Mrs. Giuseppina - tireless worker with an elegant and regal attitude.
Using a cart, she gave birth to her small business, which after a few years it was transformed by his son Angelo in a shop known for the quality and freshness of its products.
A unique combination of elegance, naturality and high-quality fruits is what really represents La Marchesa values.
In order to design an identity that represents this combination, I developed a brand that is both elegant than rustic, where the logo features a strong tree and elegant typography. The brand language is articulated through a fruit texture, an easily accessible layout architecture and 2 colors for printed materials. The branding includes stationery system, stamp, citrus wrappers, envelope for dry fruits, tag, labels and price tag.

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