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Portfolio Redesign 2013 (early stage)

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Portfolio Redesign 2013 (early stage) web website web ui portfolio icons twitter rdio dribbble zerply instagram oykun orange designer redesign

Few days ago, I noticed my current (old shit) website is online for almost 2 years, and wanted to make a redesign. Especially thinking to start a blog.

Last night, I could not sleep for some reason, so I opened PS, and designed this slowly in few hours while watching inspiring Rambo on tv. This is an early stage design. Icons, bg images (office image), content text is mostly likely going to change.

I wanted to share here before throwing an another design to bin. Maybe this time I will complete. What do you think?

Ps, I attached full view. I have an animation idea for small headshot photo part with different image transitions. The big 4 icons are nav (profile, works, blog, contact). Rdio is hover state, taking branding color. Different pages is gonna have different header colors.


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