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WIP logo design for a startup loose leaf tea company based in Hawaii.

They are strong supporters of the artisan craftsmanship that goes into tea farming, and advocate the rights of farmers who are being taken advantage of by the big tea corporations. Tealet wishes to be a symbol against big corporation methods of business, and its main competitors will be Teavana and Tazo/Starbucks.

Tealet is all about personal connection, and the social aspect of tea culture. They believe that their primary target audience — tea connoisseurs who value organic fair trade practices — will be driven by the tea farmers' stories, and the company wishes to position itself as a platform on which the consumer can really connect personally with the farmer. They want their audience to feel a connection with the brand and the farmers it represents.

As a Hawaiian-based company, Tealet's value system and business practices are rooted heavily in Aloha Spirit, which can be defined as a mutual regard and affection for mankind, extending warmth and caring with no obligation in return. It is the essence of relationships in which each person is important to every other person for collective existence. It is family; brotherhood; the joyful sharing of life.

Holding Aloha Spirit in such high regard, Tealet asked that I somehow weave this into the design. They also asked that the identity inspire a special presence within their target audience, and that it convey the artisan craftsmanship of the farmers they represent.

Rationale for this design:

This typographic design is fun, flowing, and curvaceous, and is an allusion to Hawaiian themes and Aloha spirit without being overtly thematic. The custom letterforms are inspired both by Polynesian tribal art as well as Hawaiian waves, and the way the letters are nestled into one another is suggestive of the Aloha themes of connectedness and harmony.

See attachment for inspiration & process shots.

Seeking honest critique. Will post electronic versions tomorrow.

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