Hue Ice Live: Gettin' sweet

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  1. Kevin Andersson Kevin Andersson

    This is just to give you an indication of where the app is heading, and to let you know that I am still alive an breathing.

    Let me show you the changelog while I'm here:

    New Class :: VideoDisplay
    Decoupled video from Camera / Camerasampler
    New Class :: UIKitPanel
    Dynamic positioning
    New Class :: UIKitToolbar (header)
    Dynamic width
    Class :: ColorSamplePicker
    Added offset_x, offset_y to input target
    Added selection preview
    Class :: UIbutton
    Added UIIcon support

    General optimization
    Moved all buttons, sliders, panel elements into panels

    New Class :: UIAsset
    Class to reference static external assets and load them dynamically (icons, video, sound)
    New Class :: UIIcon
    Implements UIAsset
    Implements UIIcon
    Implements UIIcon
    New Class :: UISlider
    New Class :: UIButton

    In development:
    New Class :: UIPanel

    Native Menus

    about 1 year ago

  2. Ollin Ollin

    • Blue toggle edges are weird
    • Tabs are bad. No value contrast, pixel-edges look silly, and the tab doesn't connect to the area below.
    • Are you making custom icons for all of the different settings? It seems like you have the contrast/saturate ones done :)
    • Image should take up the entire left pane, up to the window edge [whitespace around it is needless and distracting.
    • I think the top two toolbar icons look a little...alone. I'd max out the image size and then have them as overlays, assuming those are the only two buttons of their class.
    • I'd rather not have the logo in the bottom left, or at least not this large. It works okay with this pic but with others it would be distracting


    about 1 year ago

  3. Kevin Andersson Kevin Andersson

    @Ollin thanks for the feedback. I am still working on getting everything together, and I will focus on the overall UI bits when that is finished. Your suggestions re appreciated though.

    As for the image - that is actually the webcam feed, which is limited in size.

    The window resizes dynamically, depending on what functionality you are using. I'll upload a video to illustrate this in the next couple of days.


    about 1 year ago

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