We joined Truly in 2016 after they finished the AngelPad accelerator program. At that time they were facing a huge challenge, improving their customer experience adding new pieces to their existing suite of applications for sales team.

Although back then Truly already had a powerful technical team, they needed help to achieve such a challenging goal. That is when its founder proposed us to develop a test to showcase our capabilities.

We did not hesitate and faced this test as an internal project at Z1. We thoroughly studied the requirements in order to understand the application scope. We made a complete product design process: wireframing, interaction design and visual design.

From there we started the implementation and the "quick test" became a complete product in itself. It was three intense weeks in which we collaborated, researched and learned. We tested ourselves and it was worth it: they liked the result so much that we were directly involved in a key project for them.

This gave us an incredible technological boost as well as a strategic position inside Truly, becoming a part of its frontend development and design team.

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