Twitter Icon Replacements

Twitter Icon Replacements

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Okay, so I quickly made another Twitter replacement icon for the prehistoric Mac App but this time also the menubar icons with their respective states are included.

You probably already know the deal:

1. To replace the App Icon you need to track down the in your Applications folder, right-click and choose "Show Package Contents" in the context menu.

2. Locate the "Resources" folder in "Contents", duplicate Icon.icns (so you got a backup in the worst case) and replace it with the one I provided in the archive. Sometimes you get prompted to login to make changes. Quit and open again to see said changes.

3. In case you also want to replace the Twitter status icon in your menubar, drill down the same route ("Resources" "Contents"), make backups of "status_alt.png", "status_half.png", "status_off.png" and "status_off.png" and then replace them with the ones I created.

4. Enjoy the rejuvenated Twitter for Mac.

If you want to make your own replacements I'll be happy to help you.

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