Search Bar

Search bar

I started re-designing my blog and the focus is to be minimal. This is the search bar which will be fixed to the top of the website. It is the most important part of the layout, it gets people to where they want to be!

The only things on the screen at *any* time will be this bar and the article the user is reading. I have a very interesting way for the user to navigate through the site from this element. It may be a little hard to get any feedback on just this (I may have to post more). But, I don't want to give too much of the functionality away... yet!

With the navigation functionality being "different" than others, I needed to make this enticing enough to get the user to click it and see what it does.

Do you want to click it? What attracts you to it, the design elements or the text inside? What would you change or add? Have at it!


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