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Custom Temperature Controller For Your Mattress

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Have recently purchased the OOLER sleep system. It's a device that can heat or cool your mattress by using a hydronic pad. It's pretty impressive and I actually see improvements in my sleep after 3 weeks of using it.

One of the cool things about it is that it comes with an app where you can control the temperature during different periods of the night, these are called Sleep Schedules. They are very efficient because you start with one temperature and depending how warm or cold it gets in your room, you can program the mattress to automatically adjust temperature in order to get more deep sleep.

Unfortunately I didn't find the current app very intuitive especially as a first time user, so I decided to redo the UX and UI of the Sleep Schedule feature based on my actual experience as a user of the product.

This is a first shot in this series, I will cover the UX in detail in a later post.

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