Specialisterne Logo

Specialisterne Logo

Thanks a lot! @Stephen for the invite!

This is a new logo I made for the organization 'Specialisterne' (The Specialists) in the Young Creative Circle Award competition. In short, their goal is to get people with autism and similar challenges a job.

There are two key messages in the symbol, the tree and the brain. The brain symbolizes that the consultants who Specialisterne offer has some special skills in terms of numbers, data, high efficiency, optimization, etc. I include the tree because Specialisterne's cooperation is something that lasts for a longer period. It shows the economic growth and the consultants strength in their field of work.

This logo is made for the Danish YCCA13 competition. You get 24 hours to come up with a creative solution in one of the categories (design, digital, print, etc.).

I'm happy to finally be a player ;) Criticism and feedback is more than welcome!

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