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New office space

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New office space office apple home desk

I know noting really related to design here but I wanted to share it still with you guys since it is so IMPORTANT to have a really nice office spirit when you work from home like myself. I love seeing how other designers set up their offices so I hope you will like it too.

As a lot of you know I work full time at @Mixpanel and for this year I wanted to really feel confortable since I will be a 90% working from home.

I decided to go for the new iMac. Why? I have a macbook pro that I used to hook up to my Cintiq but then when I needed to go in another room I felt tired to disconnect all the cables back and forth. So I really wanted to have a station that will always stay in my office and if I want to go in another room, work on the couch, I can now take my mac book pro.

Anyway let me know if you want to know more :)

PS: Oh and I'm facing the beach!

just kidding :)

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