Triangularity ツ


My first try at low poly art. What do you think?
Feedback appreciated!

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The SciFi Story

In December of 2009, the Triangulum Deep Space Probe (TDSP) arrived at Triangularity, a distant planet in the unexplored Triangulum Australe galaxy. The goal of the mission was to validate the thesis of the Society of Astrophysicists, which believed that all matter in the ESO 137-001 quadrant was of very low physical resolution, visible as large scale crystalline shapes.

The TDSP orbited the planet for 32 hours until the signal was suddenly lost. The reason remains a mystery. However, before the TDSP disappeared, it sent a brilliantly sharp close-up shot taken with it's telephoto lens from orbit.

Many more shots were expected to be sent, but this is the only intact, undistorted shot that arrived at TDSP Mission Control Station after the data stream traveled for 1.127 days (more than 3 years) at light speed through space. Unfortunately, large portions of the transmission were heavily influenced and masked by the gravity of black holes and strong pulsar radiation. Therefore this shot had to be cropped to reflect the best portion.

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