Rebound our logo or get inspired :) Diamond cuts concept


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Diamond cuts concept for INKOD HYPERA version of our new Brand..

Optional INKOD HYPERA branding that was rejected but it can inspire the world :) Rebound & create by the talented Vanessa W. on the cool concept of diamonds cut.

This idea is good but the opposite of what we wanted to express to our start ups audience. It is too much elite and inaccessible.

The diamond cuts have too much complex shapes and not working well on small resolutions. It's also a metaphor of complexity process to get to the search of the perfection. There is no 100% pure diamond but different level of clarity and imperfections called Blemishes & Inclusions.

The actual origami version is more playful and accessible.

We invite Dribbble community to rebound this shoot and also to give inspirations to the world :)

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