GoodPages Reader

GoodPages Reader

It's been a while since the last time I uploaded something to Dribbble, these months have been crazy, I moved to Munich to work at frog Design, had to adapt to a new city and a damn cold winter.

This is one of the last works I did as a freelance, it's a News Reader, and I think it came out really well, simple, clean and with a really fast UX which I'm really proud of.

You can watch a quick DEMO here: GoodPages Demo
**I did this UX demo in a very short time, ergo there are a LOT of glitches and errors on the animation, WARNING! It is a shabby animation, proceed under your own risk**

The actual app, GoodPages should come out to the AppStore in a couple of months, I'll update the link when it's ready

I'm working on a couple of other projects in my free time, hopefully I'll be able to show more soon :)


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